Eric Torgerson was born in Decorah, Iowa in 1958 [a Taurus]. Raised in central Wisconsin’s dairy country until 1976 when he graduated high school in a class of 52.  He fled Wisconsin’s winters for the magical kingdom of the Ozark’s, specializing in portrait work, and grunt labor.  By 1984 he had accumulated about 5 years experience in commercial graphics, ranging from Sears catalogs to the Standard Book of World Coins.  His shift to 3 dimensional work was a serendipitous fluke.

Experimenting with the torch, while visiting a friend named Mike Siebert, himself a second generation lampglass worker, Eric learned to make humming birds, horses and dolphins.   Mike’s father, Bruno Siebert owned and operated the Glass Cabin at Inspiration Point.  A fan of science fiction and fantasy, Eric’s horses became unicorns and centaurs and the dolphins became mermaids.  With the development of human torsos for mermaids and centaurs, legs soon sprouted as well as wings, upon which Eric’s fairies were born. 

Eric has been sculpting glass for over 18 years.  Over this time the varieties of his fairies have increased substantially.  Starting out with a single female, the male soon came along.  As the two noticed each other, courtin and sparkin progressed into more intimate moments.  Pregnant females popped up, as well as nursing mothers and fathers with their infants.  Subsequently, families were born.  Eric now produces the entire life cycle of the fae folk, including parents interacting with their children, as well as each other. Ask about my intimate pairs. The Fairy collection is crafted to finest detail.